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    guys this is honestly my favorite self-referential lyrical progression

    just a 2 year difference.. we can all get through this.

    Ily Britney

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    Read the second part.
    And again.

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  4. Engraved folding trigger pinfire revolver with gold and silver decorations.  Most likely of Belgian origins, mid 19th century.

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  6. Found a copy of you got served so I did what any red blooded american would do.
    Studio performance
    These beats may cancel out sound but not this serving you getting
    Love 2k
    NBA2k Served
    Hope its meat lovers
    Just a slice of the serving.
    Let me get a snack
    Good luck eating that serving you just got.


    I found this copy of you got served the other day and decided to have a little fun with my family. 

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    this will never stop being funny.

    the girl dressed as the boss is the best

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    collections that are raw as fuck zuhair murad pre-fall 2014

    i could wear a black wedding dress, right?

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    Gaspar Pieter Verbruggen, A Swag of Flowers (detail)

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    Endless love is about making every moment memorable. In theaters Valentine’s Day! 

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